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Driven by innovation

With cutting-edge assembly technology and an innovative finger-joint design, PROLAM succeeds where other manufacturers have failed.

No matter how you look at it, Zig-Zag Technology outperforms conventional hook joints and sets the standard for the best trailer floors in the industry.


With PROLAM’s assembly technique and innovative Zig-Zag joint design, we have practically eliminated the sealing of open joints from the production process. In fact, Zig-Zag Technology ensures that more than 90% of our joints are sealed tightly during assembly.

The Result: Significantly increases protection against moisture penetration.

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Zig-Zag Technology is standard on all PROLAM floors, allowing them to withstand even the harshest conditions.

The Result: A floor with the longevity to last the lifetime of your trailer.

PROLAM delivers trailer floors that go beyond everyday quality and durability. Zig-Zag Technology reduces the combined effects of moisture penetration and repeated stress from load movements. This higher resistance to wear and tear preserves the structural integrity of the floor.

The Result: PROLAM floors last longer, delivering a better return on your investment.

Lab tests prove that Zig-Zag joints are twice as strong as hook joints. Zig-Zag Technology distributes weight evenly along the length of the floor for increased strength during forklift loading. This innovative finger-joint design naturally directs load-bearing stress.

The Result: Reduced stress on glue lines around joints, a primary weakness found in conventional floors with hook joints.

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PROLAM’s standards for manufacturing, quality and customer service are the absolute highest in the industry.


PROLAM’s experts have the most comprehensive scientific knowledge of wood and have mastered the entire floor manufacturing process.

Our floors, under similar analytical conditions, easily surpass industry standards.

  • While most manufacturers are content to simply glue the wood components together, PROLAM’s unique technology considers the mechanical characteristics of the material and assembly process.
  • Wood Quality—PROLAM obtains hardwood from the best suppliers in North America, considering climate, moisture content and growth rate.
  • Strict control of material—PROLAM chooses wood from only the best sawmills in North America.
  • Gluing process—PROLAM has developed a proprietary gluing technology.

Bending tests the strength of the floor material. Wet and dry shear test the strength of the glue lines by applying pressure to bonding material under wet and dry conditions.


PROLAM exercises rigorous quality control practices at a higher level than any other manufacturer.

No other floor undergoes harsher, more uniform quality control testing.

  • Frequency—Samples are regularly pulled from the manufacturing line for a full battery of strictly controlled tests.
  • Quality Control Samples—More than 125 trailer floors are dedicated to quality control every year. No other manufacturer sacrifices more product for quality control purposes.
  • Results—Compiled results and methodology are validated by a recognized independent testing laboratory.

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