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A treatment against water penetration

The most detrimental factor to the lifespan of a dry van trailer floor is the penetration of water within the wood. Prolam has developed a proven protective solution for the upper side of hardwood trailer floors that is virtually waterproof. Much more resistant than conventional water-based top-coats, our Waxin solid paraffin wax penetrates the surface to envelop the wood fibers, which protects the trailer floor from moisture longer, despite the repeated passage of forklifts. Waxin’s deep solid paraffin treatment enables water to bead on the surface, which in turn, allows water to evaporate faster, instead of being absorbed into the floor.

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How it’s made

All of Prolam’s dry van floors are first made with the Zig-Zag joint design and assembly technology to ensure perfect assembly of the hardwood slats. In the process of creating a Waxin floor, the hardwood is heated in a controlled environment to expand its fibers, allowing the wax to penetrate the surface (1/32 to 1/16 inches deep). When it cools, the paraffin hardens and coats the wood fibers. Waxin is generally applied to the area of the floor that is most exposed and vulnerable to inclement weather. You can opt for the 8 feet at the rear or the entire top surface of the trailer floor.

Close up block of hardwood made with the Zig-Zag joint design and Waxin paraffin surface water protection

How it works for you

Solid paraffin penetrating in depth the surface of a hardwood trailer floor

A better barrier against moisture

Water causes the harshest damage to a hardwood trailer floor. As the paraffin cools down in the wood, Waxin creates a virtually waterproof barrier of protection for hardwood floors. When water touches down on Waxin, it beads on the surface, allowing enough time for water to evaporate—instead of being immediately absorbed by the wood.

Waxin drastically reduces swelling and wood weight due to weather conditions (by as much as 80%). By mitigating weathering effects, Waxin considerably slows the wood’s natural deterioration and stops breakage at the glue lines and along the slats. In tests, Waxin has showed almost as much water resistance as the apitong wood species, which is a type of tropical wood renowned for its toughness and natural resistance to outside conditions.

Trailer flooring with a deep Waxin water protection that is undamaged by humidity
With Waxin
Trailer flooring with water-based or varnish protection losing effectiveness
Without Waxin

Deeper protection

Conventional floor protection, such as varnish and polyurethane, are only top coats; they eventually break down due to forklift traffic and pallets being moved across the floor. Chipped surfaces, even if they have water-protection, lose their effectiveness. As water penetrates the wood, it will weaken the structural integrity of the floor and accelerate gouging, scratching, tearing and delamination of the slats.

Waxin’s long-lasting protection preserves the wood’s durability, even as the floor surface thins due to normal wear. Waxin penetrates the wood and ensures it does not deteriorate. It is more robust than any other type of moisture protection for hardwood floors.

Water beads on a hardwood plank protected by the deep solid paraffin water protection Waxin

Greater value

Our solid paraffin water-protection means less water absorption, which leads to less damage to your trailer and cargo. The result : Minimal maintenance required for your fleet and longer useful life.

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