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Prolam protects your hardwood floors better than ever!


Waxin protects hardwood floors and reduces weathering effects, thus considerably slowing the wood’s natural deterioration by limiting the impact of fluctuating moisture levels caused by outside conditions. Prolam developed this cutting-edge technology that penetrates the surface of the hardwood with solid paraffin wax, creating a virtually waterproof barrier of protection. In this process, the hardwood is heated to expand its fibers, allowing the wax to penetrate the surface (0.060 to 0.120 inches deep). When the mix cools, the paraffin hardens and coats the wood fibers.

Tableau de la teneur en humidité du bois

Prolam set the industry standard for quality and durability with its Zig-Zag technology and P·u·R solution for hardwood floors. Now, the industry leader is introducing another remarkable innovation—WAXIN.

Due to temperature fluctuations, heat exposure from the sun, and moisture penetration caused by the rain, the rear part of hardwood floors deteriorates over time. Constant variation among these factors leads to changes in the structure of the wood and speeds up its deterioration.

With WAXIN treatment, hardwood floors are protected against outside conditions.


Prolam tested the effectiveness of WAXIN by exposing two wood panels to outdoor conditions for one full year. The photos below show one untreated panel and one protected by WAXIN.


Waxin penetrates the wood and ensures it does not deteriorate. Conventional floor protection, such as varnish and polyurethane, are only top coats; they eventually break down due to forklift traffic and pallets being moved across the floor.

WAXIN remains solid and adheres to the wood fibers. Oil-based floor protection products are liquid and will progressively disperse over time, losing their effectiveness.

Waxin is more durable than any other type of moisture protection for hardwood floors. Its effectiveness and water resistance continue even as the surface of the floor is worn.

WAXIN drastically reduces swelling in wood weight and volume due to weather conditions (by as much as 80%). With WAXIN, water evaporates before it can penetrate the wood.

Waxin creates a virtually waterproof barrier of protection for hardwood floors, making domestic North American hardwood similar to tropical woods, such as apitong. Apitong is a very tough wood that has a natural resistance to outside conditions. To prove it, a WAXIN-treated hardwood panel, an apitong flatbed floor panel, and an untreated hardwood floor panel were submerged in water for 17 hours. The result? The WAXIN-treated panel was nearly as water-resistant as the apitong panel and at least three times more than the untreated panel.

Plancher de vanne fait par Prolam

Optional treatment area

WAXIN is generally applied to the area of the floor that is most exposed and vulnerable to inclement weather. You can opt for the first 8 ft. or the entire top of trailer floor.


WAXIN not only makes wood highly water resistant, its long-lasting protection preserves the wood’s effectiveness, even as the floor surface thins due to normal wear.

The photos above show a WAXIN-treated panel, with each subsequent image showing the same panel with increasingly thicker strips of its surface planed off. Even when the thickness of the WAXIN-treated surface is reduced, WAXIN continues to protect the wood against water penetration; water still beads on the wood.

Planche de bois

Untreated board
All photos taken 10 minutes after water exposure.

0.020 inch planed

Plancher Prolam avec la technologie Waxin

WAXIN-treated floors repel water even as the floor surface thins as shown

Plancher Prolam avec la technologie Waxin

0.040 inch planed

Plancher Prolam avec la technologie Waxin

0.060 inch planed

Plancher Prolam avec la technologie Waxin