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Driven by innovation

Prolam is a leading North American developer and manufacturer of trailer floors for dry vans and box trucks. Our superior-quality hardwood trailer floors feature a range of options to increase their resistance to moisture penetration as well as maximize their strength and durability—all while offering the highest weight savings in the industry. Available across the United States, Mexico and Canada, all of our trailer floors have been designed with the true needs of the market in mind. Prolam is synonymous with impeccable craftsmanship and unbeatable service. Our innovative R&D approach gives you peace of mind that you are making the smartest investment for your fleet.

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Prolam is renowned as an industry leader in developing hardwood trailer floors featuring cutting edge technologies that optimize your fleet investments. Robust, yet lightweight, our trailer floors withstand moisture, debris and any hard use. When your performance cannot be compromised, count on Prolam.

PROLAM is more than “just” wood. It is being part of a team that doesn’t mind getting its hands dirty. We work hard and play harder.

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53' and 26' trailers made with Prolam flooring
April 21, 2022

What is the right semi-trailer floor for your fleet?

#P.U.R #Waxin #Wingolite #Zig-Zag

When purchasing a semi-trailer, you’ll need to make choices in terms of its options and specifications. Several technical details must be taken into consideration in order for your semi-trailer to meet your transportation needs. One of the important details to consider is the semi-trailer floor system’s capacity (floor rating).

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Humidity protection Waxin on a wood trailer floor
April 21, 2022

Water : The worst enemy of your trailer floor

#P.U.R #Waxin #Zig-Zag

The transportation industry is constantly looking for ways to reduce its operating costs. What is the solution to achieve this goal? Maximize the useful life of the equipment. For a trailer floor to last, it is important to protect it from its worst enemy: water.

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