It's not about the wood
It's about how it's made
—and who made it

We build Laminated floors that last

We work to keep your fleet
running efficiently

We know just how important the performance and reliability of any fleet is, especially for your bottom line. You must rely on suppliers that help you protect your vehicle investments. At PROLAM, we develop laminated floors that last, freeing you from the hassle of constantly repairing your floors.

But what makes PROLAM floors last longer than others?
Two words: moisture protection

It may come as a shock, but relying solely on the wood species does not guarantee that your laminated floor will remain strong throughout its service life. Water is the worst enemy of all types of wood; over time, water will inevitably reduce a floor’s mechanical properties and durability regardless of the species used. You want your laminated floor to last 15 years or even more? Then it is crucial to maintain its mechanical properties by protecting it from moisture variation.

With PROLAM's exclusive, patented WAXIN treatment and P·u·R undercoating,
laminated hardwood floors are the most water-resistant on the market.

Moisture protection doesn't stop there. The type of joints used in your trailer floor can make a huge difference in its resistance to humidity. PROLAM does not use traditional hook joints, but rather patented double-knuckle joints, called Zig-Zag, which greatly reduce water leakage through the floor boards. Zig-Zag joints are the tightest in the industry, reducing water penetration, which can damage the merchandise that you transport.

There are laminated floors.
And then, there are well-made laminated floors

Laminated floors cannot be judged on wood alone.
How the floor is made is a lot more important than what it is made of.

Our leading-edge manufacturing process takes into account how the wood is dried, how it is prepared before gluing, the type and way it is glued, and what type of finishing is used. PROLAM also factors in how the laminated hardwood floor is installed, including the distance between cross-members, the number of mounting screws, and the frame design. All contribute to minimize the accumulation of humidity and prevent floor degradation.

In addition to the superior moisture protection it provides, PROLAM's innovative Zig-Zag joints further reduce floor stresses and increase fatigue resistance against daily loading and unloading to extend the useful life of your customers' trailer floors. PROLAM floors have superior fatigue resistance and mechanical properties when compared to alternative ‘’oak’’ floors using hook joints.

In a nutshell:
PROLAM's stronger and more durable floors mean that you will have
low maintenance costs and will require fewer replacement floors.

Environmentally Friendly

PROLAM is the only producer partnered with SFI-certified suppliers
who can offer environmentally-friendly sources of lumber.
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