It's not about the wood
It's about how it's made
—and who made it

We build Laminated floors that last

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  • Are you fed up of dealing with ill-conceived laminated hardwood floors?
  • Are you constantly re-installing or repairing trailer floors that have moved, buckled, or cracked?
  • Are you looking to save weight?
  • A higher rating?
  • A more durable laminated hardwood floor?

PROLAM's people will work with you to eliminate your floor challenges. PROLAM takes into account more than just the material composition of a laminated floor. We obsess about details that other suppliers simply ignore, such as how the wood is prepared, glued, and finished.

PROLAM has produced and delivered more than 120 million square feet of floors for the transport industry worldwide. Our floors are manufactured under the industry's most rigorous quality control process,
with over 72 stringent check points.

Our proven track record

We have not had one claim 
due to delamination or any other problem related
to our manufacturing process in over 15 years of business.

What is the engineering wisdom behind PROLAM's 

unbeatable wood trailer floors?

A commitment to technology

Thanks to its investment in the highest technology equipment in the wood processing business, PROLAM has redefined industry standards. For several years, PROLAM has used scanner detection and automated cross cut technologies to develop superior, robust wood trailer/container/truck bodies floors.

PROLAM is also the only manufacturer to use a patented wood coloration technology to quickly detect defects during the wood preparation process, which in turn increases lamination quality and eliminates the presence of light leaks on the floor.

Environmentally Friendly

PROLAM is the only producer partnered with SFI-certified suppliers
who can offer environmentally-friendly sources of lumber.
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